23 Мая 2024
Rudenko Yevhen
Director of the Institute for Blockchain Technology Development, President of the 2xEnergy charitable organization, expert in Blockchain and DeFi, financial analyst and consultant.

Personal Information

Yevhen Rudenko was born on March 31, 1983, in Skadovsk, Kherson region, Ukraine.


He began his professional path by organizing exhibitions at "Parus Expo Media." From the very start of his career, Yevhen Rudenko showed interest in various aspects of business. Over time, he actively expanded his knowledge and gained experience in different fields, paying special attention to high technologies. In 2012, Rudenko became interested in financial markets and began engaging in stock trading. Gradually, his interests expanded to the cryptocurrency market, which eventually became his main focus. Yevhen Rudenko views financial markets as a platform for realizing his ambitions. He believes the future of the financial world lies in decentralized finance.

Achievements and Initiatives

In 2023, he became the Director of the Institute for Blockchain Technology Development, an innovative center dedicated to the research, development, and promotion of blockchain technology.

In 2024, he founded the charitable organization 2xEnergy, aiming for large-scale charitable initiatives.


Kyiv National University of Culture and Arts (KNUCA), major in “Management of Socio-Cultural Activities.”

Public Activities

Evgeny Rudenko actively participates in various events and speaks on topics related to financial markets, Blockchain, and modern technologies. He has consulted leading Ukrainian entrepreneurs listed in the TOP-100 by Forbes Ukraine.

Hobbies and Personal Interests

In his free time, he is interested in modern technologies, design, music, sports, and travel. He reads books and spends time with his family.


Married, raising a son.

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