11 Июля 2022
Oleksandr Svishchov. Dossier
Businessman, philanthropist, public figure, president of Ukrainian Water Polo Federation

War is always a rupture in life of our country and people.

War is a serious ordeal for business. It has enough challenges even in peacetime, let alone during wartime. Especially if you do not have to put your business on hold and start a new project. As Oleksandr Svishchovdoes. 

Ukraine's largest sports and entertainment center, called Leoland, opened in Lviv, though a few months later than it was planned. Maybe not so pompously and not in such a big way, but there already work a tennis school, "Futbik" soccer center for the smallest children and MakerSpace laboratory. A bomb shelter has now been added to the project.

As Svishchovsays it is important to create jobs during the war (up to 400 people will work in the new complex), pay taxes and fulfill obligations to the contractors. 

However, Oleksandr makes more than he says. Because his investments are for children, so it is an investment in the future of Ukraine. 

Business: Construction, tobacco business, trade, sports 

Oleksandr Svishchov's business interests lie in construction, tobacco manufacturing (phased out for the war), trading, and the sports and entertainment business. 

Despite the war, Oleksandr Svishchov continues to develop his own business

He is a beneficiary in companies:

"Lviv Regional Production Fish Factory";

"Above the Sea" (manager);

"Horodoksky Way" (manager).

In addition, Svishchov is the founder of enterprises:

"Palace of Sports "Ukraine";


"Leo Film Productions" (manager);

JSC "Closed Non-Diversified Corporate Venture Investment Fund "LEF" (manager);

"International Society of Ukrainian-Indian friendship";

Sports and Recreation Center "Ukraine-China".

Biographical data

Born September 22, 1970 in Lviv.

His parents, Yuri Svishchov and Valentina Rykova, are descendants of the victims of the Soviet regime.

After graduating from high school in 1987, Oleksandr entered Lviv Vocational School #22. There he studied to be a watch repairman. After vocational school, he worked in his specialty for 5 years. 

In 2021 he received a higher education in Lviv University of Business and Law. Specialty - "International relations, public communications and regional stages". 

Since the mid-90s, Oleksandr Yurievich starts working at LLC "KAMAZ-Lviv". At first he worked in the position of a manager, and then as a deputy director of sales. Afterwards, he worked as deputy director for promotion of the enterprise.

At the same time, Mr. Svishchov invested into the "Avtomat" PJSC (in 2011-2012, he was the Chairman of the Supervisory Board), the "Sambirskiy Experimental Mechanical Engineering Plant" PJSC, and the "Liteiny Zavod" LLC and became a co-owner of the enterprises.Since 2021, he has been an advisor to the head of the Lviv Regional Council. 

Charity and patronage of the arts

With the beginning of the war, Svishchov's business refocused on helping the army and people forced to leave home. Oleksandr says that his companies took over organizational, financial and informational issues. The main task, the entrepreneur says, is to bring Ukraine's victory in the war with Russia closer. 

Oleksandr Svishchov is a well-known philanthropist and philanthropist in the Lviv region

Svishchov is known in the Lviv region not only for his charity work, but also for his philanthropic projects. He is fond of history and acquainted with antiquities. And not only properly understands, but also helps to enrich a collection of Vynnykivskiy local history museum. A fragment of the bronze bracelet from the times of Kyiv culture, ancient body crosses, crescents, pendants, a collection of crosses and ancient European coins appeared with his participation.

In 2021 Oleksandr conveyed a big collection of 84 artifacts to Lviv garrison church of Apostles Peter and Paul. 

Family: son is a deputy of the regional council. 

Oleksandr Svishchovdoes not advertise his private life. 

It is known that his son Vitaly Svishchov, born in 1994. 

Since his youth he was a water polo player. Since 2010 he is the player of Dynamo (Lviv). Heads the Lviv regional federation of mini water polo. 

In 2017 he graduated from Lviv State University of Physical Culture with a degree in physical education. Later studied accounting at the Lviv Commercial Academy.

5 years ago got engaged to Sofia Hatzayuk. The spouses are raising a daughter, Nicole. 

Sofia is the owner of Victorovich PE (wholesale of fish, seafood and shellfish) and Vita-Commerce LLC (intermediary in timber and building materials trade).

In 2015, Vitaly Svishchov became the youngest deputy of the Lviv City Council from the Petro Poroshenko Bloc. 

In local elections in 2020 he was elected deputy of the Lviv Regional Council from the party "European Solidarity". Vitaly with 4.3 million UAH of income from entrepreneurial activities, four apartments in Lviv and a car Mercedes-Benz Sprinter 315 Cdi was among the 10 richest deputies of the Lviv Regional Council. 

Oleksandr Svishchov's daughter, Victoria, is the ultimate beneficiary of Romanov, Mix Service Management, Podyarkov, UNTK, Hotel Service Management, Over the Sea, Aqua-Vip-Company, and Gorodoksky Way. 

Sports: soccer, water polo 

In the early 2000s, Svishchov became fascinated with soccer. For three years he was at the head of the SKA-Orbita soccer club. 

Ten years ago he became president of Dinamo (Lviv) water polo club. Exactly after Oleksandr came to the helm, Lviv water polo players won the championship of Ukraine seven times, won the Cup of Ukraine eight times and became the owners of the Super Cup of Ukraine three times.

Svishchov makes a lot of efforts for the development of sports in Ukraine

Water polo is Svishchov's real passion

Svishchov says that water polo is more than a sport or a hobby. Water polo is a big part of his life.

Have you ever seen businessmen not only invest in sports, but squander it in movies and bookstores like Svishchov does?

He made a documentary film and published books about water polo in his native region and the "Dynamo" club (Lviv) to mark the centenary of water polo in the Lviv region. In order for everyone to remember: water polo is a long-standing and respected game in Western Ukraine.

In October 2021, Oleksandr became president of the Ukrainian Water Polo Federation. Six months before the war, he set an ambitious goal: to open water polo schools in major cities of the country, as Svishchov, convinced that this game should be popular among students.

However, Russia's invasion of Ukraine forced both Oleksandr and the Water Polo Federation to adjust their plans. Svishchov put a lot of effort into taking water polo from the east and south of Ukraine to the Czech Republic, Poland, Hungary, Lithuania, Italy, Romania and Slovakia. The head of the Water Polo Federation repeats tirelessly: we must save young water polo players and create conditions for them, in which, after our victory over Russia, skilled and strong athletes who will become the backbone of the Ukrainian national team will return home.

Hobbies and interests

Engaged in sports.

He is fond of numismatics, collecting, ethnography and museum work.

Loves to read and travel.

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